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Anthony Penney
Executive Director of Industry and Government Engagement
Business SA 

Anthony Penney is responsible for policy and advocacy, as well as international trade. Through advocacy with all levels of government on behalf of the business community, Anthony and his team strive to create the best and lowest-cost operating environment allowing SA businesses to grow, hire and create a vibrant economy.   

Prior to joining Business SA, Anthony was Regional Manager South Australia for QANTAS, responsible for all commercial activity in the state, as well as government and tourism relations. He has considerable commercial experience having led sales teams across the airline and has held a number of management roles across customer experience, operational and learning & development areas.

Business SA

About Business SA

Business SA is the state’s peak employer body, responsible for policy and advocacy and international trade.

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Business SA, in partnership with their sister chamber, the NSW Business Chamber, now offers a free energy bill comparison and switching service for both business and home accounts. Learn how you can make energy savings for your business with Australian Business Energy.

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Chris Beattie

Chris Beattie
Chief Officer
South Australian State Emergency Service

Chris is the Chief Officer of the South Australian State Emergency Service and holds statutory appointments on the Board of the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission and on South Australia’s State Emergency Management Committee.

His agency comprises 65 staff and 1,750 SES volunteers and has responsibilities as the Control Agency and Hazard Leader for extreme weather including heatwaves. SASES is leading a national push to develop and implement a new harmonised heatwave warning service across all jurisdictions.

Hot hot hot created a level of engagement not seen before and a response and involvement from the community on climate change and heatwave issue not thought possible even a few years ago. The use of surveys before and after the event and online engagement encouraged people to think about and report how they would change their behaviour in future heatwaves, it really personalised the risk. The stalls provided tangible advice on actions that individuals could take to increase their resilience to heatwaves, from developing their own personal plans, to design features for their homes and a tool that identifies the hot spots in their own community.
— Chris Beattie

About South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES)

The SASES is a volunteer-based organisation that responds to a wide range of emergencies and rescues across the state 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365-days a year.

Primarily responsible for responding to extreme weather (including storms and extreme heat) and flooding events, the SASES also responds to road crash, marine, swiftwater, vertical and confined space rescues.

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The SASES are always looking for more people to join our team of volunteers! To find out more register online or phone the volunteer hotline on 1300 364 587.

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Frank Crisci
Emergency Manager
SA Power Networks

Frank Crisci is an electrical engineer with over 35 years experience in the electricity industry. 

His major achievements include: 

  • Successful completion of a project to convert over 1,400 kms of bare electricity lines in South Australia’s highest bushfire risk areas to covered and insulated conductor 

  • Designing and implementing SA Power Networks’ Network Operations Centre, the centre of control of electricity distribution in South Australia 

  • Development and ongoing refinement of SA Power Networks’ Bushfire Risk management programs 

Together with the CSIRO he has undertaken research and published papers on optimising the installation of insulated conductors, and managing the risk of SA Power Networks assets starting fires. As Frank coordinates SA Power Networks’ preparations for network emergencies, he works closely with the Emergency Services and is a member of the State Government’s State Bushfire Coordination Committee and the Engineering Functional Support Group of the State Emergency Organisation.

With a forecast increase in extended heatwaves and extreme bushfire danger days, it’s important that communities understand the impacts on health, emergency services, infrastructure and business. The Feeling Hot event provided an opportunity for subject matter experts to explain these impacts to those communities so that they can better prepare for the short term impacts and lobby for longer term change.
— Frank Crisci

About SA Power Networks


SA Power Networks is the state’s sole electricity distributor in South Australia’s energy industry. Put simply, SA Power Networks builds, maintains and upgrades the poles, wires and substations that deliver power to around 850,000 customers.

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In 2017 Australia’s total generating capacity (wind, solar, gas, coal, other) was 54GigaWatts (54,000,000,000 Watts). In that year alone China added 53GW of solar panels to their grid, the equivalent of the total of Australia’s generating capacity. America added 10GW of solar generation in 2017.  

You can read about how energy distribution is affected during heatwaves here

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Hitaf Rasheed

Hitaf Rasheed
Executive Director
Events South Australia, South Australian Tourism Commission

Hitaf Rasheed has headed up Events South Australia, the events arm of the South Australian Tourism Commission since 2008, and has overseen the significant growth of the Santos Tour Down Under and the re-launching and Annualization of Tasting Australia – just to to name a few.

Events South Australia, under Hitaf’s leadership, is responsible for growing events in South Australia and attracting new events to the State. Furthermore, her team directly manage a number of events including the Santos Tour Down Under, Superloop Adelaide 500, Tasting Australia, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Adelaide Fashion Festival and the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant.

Hitaf has a long history in sports management including 10 years as General Manager -Communications in the AFL at the Port Adelaide Football Club.

About Events South Australia

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Events South Australia is a division of the SA Tourism Commission. Events South Australia attracts, develops and markets major events in SA that promote the image and profile of SA as a holiday destination, nationally and internationally and generate substantial economic benefits for the State.

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John Nairn

John Nairn
State Manager
Bureau of Meteorology

Since joining the Bureau in 1980 John has pursued client focused deployments in Antarctic operations, Australian severe weather, specialised operations at Sydney Airport, Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games, and multiple interstate bushfire emergencies apart from operational forecaster roles in Northern Territory, Victoria, NSW and South Australia. 

John has extended South Australian services to include embedded fire and emergency services, and targeted briefings for industry (including the energy and wine sectors). 

John has developed the Bureau’s national heatwave service and is collaborating with international heatwave service partners. National and international partnerships have benefited from a Churchill Fellowship on heatwaves, visiting the UK, Germany and USA in 2013. 

John has an MBA, Dip Ed and a BSc Hon in Meteorology and Oceanography, is a member AICD and is undertaking a part time PhD (heatwaves). 

The Hot, Hot, Hot event proved to be a highly valuable evening for another reason. I was approached after the event to join an ARC grant bid as a participating investigator into the impact of heatwaves on mass gatherings across Canada, France and Australia. The opportunity afforded by this event has enabled community action in both public and research arenas.
— John Nairn

About Bureau of Meteorology

Bureau of Meteorology

BOM’s vision is to be an organisation of global standing, that is highly valued by the community for our pivotal role in enabling a safe, prosperous, secure and healthy Australia. BOM’s mission is to provide trusted, reliable and responsive weather, water, climate and ocean services for Australia – all day, every day. 

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You can learn more about heatwaves and the heatwave forecast tool here.

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Ken Long

Ken Long
Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

Ken has a deep passion for the creation of built environments which enable a positive quality of life.  Ken currently Chairs the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network and works as a sustainability consultant at dsquared Consulting, an Adelaide based studio delivering sustainable solutions in the built environment. 

Ken has completed a Bachelor of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology, a Certificate of Regenerative Ecological Design from the Ecosa Institute in Prescott, Arizona, and a Masters of Sustainable Design from the University of South Australia. Ken is also an Ambassador of the International Living Future Institute.  

One of the most challenging aspect of climate change is to grapple sheer size of the problem and how every aspect of society it will effect. Establishing resilient communities rests in the ability of multiple sectors and citizens of all walks of life to understand the array of issues at hand and spark action. Through the future forecasting scenarios played out at the Feeling Hot Hot Hot event, it was successful in illuminating the intertwined fates of all of us if climate resiliency is not developed now.
— Ken Long

About Adelaide Sustainable Building Network


The Adelaide Sustainable Building Network advocates for the uptake of ecologically beneficial practices within all industries linked to the built environment through local events and digital media.

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Visit their website to watch videos, listen to podcasts for great content on sustainable buildings and cities, and download the Green Book - a free guide to organisations providing solutions for sustainable built environments in Australia. 

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Associate Professor Nicola Spurrier
Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Public Health Physician and Paediatrician
SA Health

Associate Professor Nicola Spurrier has a longstanding interest in improving the health of populations with a special interest in the wellbeing of children and young people. She has worked across a wide range of health areas in the Department including childhood injury prevention, environmental toxicology, obesity prevention, medical leadership and Aboriginal health. She has a strong academic profile with collaborative links with South Australian universities.

Recent research includes safe sleeping for Aboriginal babies, assessing novel app-based interventions to reduce anxiety in people with asthma and assessing the impact of pollens on respiratory and cardiac disease in Adelaide. In addition to her role in the Department, Dr Spurrier also provides a public paediatric clinic at Flinders Medical Centre.

About SA Health

SA Health Logomono-1 copy.png

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in health reform, public health services, health and medical research, policy development and planning, with an increased focus on wellbeing, illness prevention, early intervention and quality care.

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Everyone is at risk of heat-related illness during hot weather and extreme heat. Some groups of people – such as babies and young children, pregnant women, the elderly and people who have chronic health conditions – are more at risk than others. For more information visit our website and follow us on social media to get updates on how to stay #HealthyInTheHeat

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Rose Rhodes PSM

Rose Rhodes PSM
Chairperson SA Divisional Advisory Board
Australian Red Cross

Rose is both the Chair of the SA Divisional Advisory Board and a volunteer with the Emergency Services department. She has extensive experience as a response and recovery volunteer and has been deployed into the field for numerous emergency events in SA and interstate (Queensland and Northern Territory) for bushfires, floods and cyclones.

Rose is also a Telecross Redi volunteer and supports people who are vulnerable during extreme heat when the service is activated.

This years Feeling Hot Hot Hot event using pre and post event surveys allowed greater engagement by the public. Using a wide range of social media networks extended the event to a much wider group of people who are unable to attend. The panel consisting of diverse expertise gave a balanced overview of the challenges and information for the community to become more Climate Ready. It was a great event with so many in attendance.
— Rose Rhodes PSM

About Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross is a leading humanitarian organisation in Australia and an auxiliary to government. The Australian Red Cross Society is the Australian National Society of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The Australian Red Cross’ purpose is to reduce suffering across Australia and internationally through mobilising the power of humanity.

The Australian Red Cross has been supporting people at risk of extreme heat in South Australia since January 2009 when a serious heatwave event took place that claimed many lives and hospitalised many more. Telecross Redi was established during this time and since then, has provided assurance for clients, their families and carers who know that their loved ones are regularly contacted during extreme heat events.

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Telecross - A daily telephone call to check on the wellbeing of registered clients. The service provides peace of mind to clients who are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed, such as falling and being unable to call for help. You might know someone (or yourself) who could sign up, or you might like to volunteer!

Telecross REDi – A similar service operating during declared extreme heat events. Clients are called to check that they are ok and provided with practical information on how to stay cool in the heat and how to best manage themselves during the heatwave. Learn more here.

Climate Ready Communities Guide – Learn how to support your community to prepare for impacts of climate change.

How prepared are you for emergencies? Download the Get Prepared App and get connected to your community and services.

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Tim Jarvis AM

Tim Jarvis AM
Environmental Scientist and Explorer

Tim Jarvis AM has Masters’ degrees in environmental science and environmental law. He is committed to finding pragmatic solutions to major environmental issues related to climate change and biodiversity loss, and uses his public speaking engagements, films and books about his expeditions and sustainability work to promote progressive thinking in these areas. Tim is founder and leader of 25zero, a climate-change awareness-raising project that focuses on the world’s rapidly melting equatorial glaciers, and Global Ambassador for WWF-Australia.

Tim was named Australian Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year 2013 and Conservationist of the Year 2016, the only person ever to receive both awards.

About 25zero

25 zero

25zero is project that uses dramatic images of melting equatorial glaciers and stories of people being affected by their decline to 'show' climate change, engage new people in the issue and fund climate change projects.

25zero has identified a number of climate change projects it wants to support in the countries where the 25zero mountains are found in. The projects selected all have climate change, biodiversity and socioeconomic benefits for the local communities.

Facebook: @timjarvisam
Twitter: @TimJarvisAm
Instagram: @TimJarvisAm

The use of real data with a real audience coupled with an expert panel makes for a compelling event. Every attendee would have learned something new about heatwaves, the far reaching implications in their lives. It showed how government departments (state and local) work together alongside not for profits and other associated entities. This event ticks many boxes.
— Amanda Blair, Facilitator
Audience at Feeling Hot 2019