Climate Change. We’re working on it.

Resilient East partners have worked together since 2012 investigating and responding to the impacts of climate change in our region. We've used this information to inform council policies, management plans and communities. You may find some of the resources we've developed useful for your own planning too.

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Our Eastern Region and how the Climate is Changing

The important features of eastern Adelaide and what changes to the climate the region may experience in the future.


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Understanding the Eastern Region's Vulnerability to a Changing Climate

How the aspects or features we value in the eastern region may be impacted by climate change.


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Actions for the Eastern Region to Respond to a Changing Climate 

Key priorities identified in our Adaptation Plan to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing climate.


Climate Projections Report

Describing the drivers of climate change, sources of variation in climate projections and what we may experience in the future.


Vision, Values and Key Decisions Report

Vision and values for the eastern region and their vulnerability to a changing climate.


Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Report (IVA)

The IVA was developed and implemented using a collaborative approach involving the project team and a range of stakeholders from across the Resilient East Region.


Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The Regional Adaptation Plan provides a foundation for a coordinated and collaborative response to climate change and identifies our priorities for adaptation across the Eastern Region.


Heat mapping for Eastern and Northern Adelaide report

Resilient East with the City of Salisbury undertook an urban heat mapping and vegetation data collection. Here’s the report and the attachment to the report.