Here’s how the attendees of Feeling Hot Hot Hot! are preparing for heatwaves… Why not try these yourself?


1. Create an action plan

2. Check in with neighbours, friends, family members and vulnerable people during and after a heatwave

3. Cooler garden design (i.e. reduce hard surfaces, increase greenery and shade house)

4. Influence government decisions by promoting strong action on climate change

5. Improve house design (i.e. passive heating and cooling, ventilation, permeable and lighter outdoor surfaces, double glazing, insulation)

6. Drink more water

7. Connect with community and help others

8. Stay informed about upcoming weather, impacts of heat, utilities, ways to keep cool etc

9. Use more traditional cooling methods that do not rely on electricity

10. Water garden before a heatwave

It was encouraging to such a large audience, as it shows that people are legitimately concerned about climate change. The real challenge now is to find a way to educate all those who were not interested enough to attend.
— Attendee